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The Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) recognizes donations of US$1,000. It is the backbone of LCIF, providing 75 percent of the foundation's revenue. As recognition of humanitarian work, an MJF is an honor presented to those who donate US$1,000 to LCIF or to people for whom a donation was made by others.

Contributions can be made by individuals (including non-Lions), clubs or districts. Donations may be in one sum, or in installments of a minimum of US$100 over a five-year period. Melvin Jones Fellows receive an attractive lapel pin, a plaque and a congratulatory letter.

Melvin Jones Fellowship



Ted Foor
Howard Robinson
PDG Don Welshon
Wayne Powell
Joe Osborn
Opie Searls
PDG Dan Kuhn
Louie Fraker
Gene Lee
Larry Lynd
Dave Black
Pat Rose

Gary Kelsey
PDG Lee Burba
Duaine Ashbrook
Art Crabtree

Jeni Ashbrook

Jerry Wheeler

Dottie Crabtree

Tom Caw

Bruce Baird

Charles Hagy

Ann Walther

Andy Walther

Brian McGuire

Fred Biesecker

Sarah McGuire

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