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1953 - 54:
*Held two Euchre Parties, netted about $80
*Held Ladies Night
*Fitted two persons with glasses
*Provided clothes, haircuts, and transportation to Sunday School for two
needy children for Christmas
*Entertained the Boy Scouts
*Held a Father - Son - Daughter Night

1954 - 55:
*Sponsored a Public Fire Prevention Meeting
*Co-sponsored the growing of corn on 45 acres with proceeds going to the
athletic field for the school
*Sponsored an All State Wrestling Show netting about $300
*Sponsored the Boy Scout Troop
*Participated in the State Fair and netted $244.43
*Held Ladies Night
*Held an Auction and netted $235.61

1955 - 56:
*Held Ladies Night
*Purchased a Pop Corn Trailer for the use of the high school
*Operated a stand at the fair netting $180
*Assisted the Athletic Association by helping to sell pop corn and soda at
the home basketball games
*Donated $50 to Band Boosters for the purchase of uniforms


1956 - 57:
*Participated in the Pataskala Street Fair netting $340.33
*Purchased a public address system at a cost of $150
*Aided financially and physically in the construction of the high school
athletic field
*Held Saturday Night Euchre Parties
*Held a Father - Son - Daughter Night
*Held Ladies Night
*Held a Family Night Dance and netted nearly $60


1957 - 58:
*Held an Ox Roast and Horse Show and donated the proceeds to the
Athletic Association
*Participated in the Pataskala Street Fair and netted about $300
*Conducted an Eye Testing Program in the schools
*Purchased an Ortho-Rater Eye Testing Machine used in the local school
*Held a Father - Son - Daughter Night

1958 - 59:

*Participated in the Pataskala Street Fair netting $300

*Sponsored a Calendar Sale and netted more than $300

*Held Ladies Night

*Held Father - Son - Daughter Night

*Purchased three pair of glasses for needy children

*The Pataskala Lions Club was originally organized

March 24, 1941 and cancelled November 29, 1944.
*The club was reorganized August 17, 1948

and Chartered September 10,1948
Charter night was held at the Pataskala Methodist Church

on Tuesday October 12, 1948, with 60 Charter Members
*The Hebron Lions Club was the sponsoring club.

1948 - 49:
*Held a Charter Night Banquet, Tuesday October 12
*Held a mock trial and netted $125
*Provided a free sight screening for the school children
*Donated $19 to the Red Cross and the Cancer Fund
*Laid a floor in the Boy Scout Cabin at a cost of $134

1949 - 50:
*Held Auctions and a circus for a net of $407
*Sponsored by paying half the tuition for two high school

students to attend Boys State
*Contributed $100 to the Summer Recreation Program 
for children
*Mailed letters to parents of children whose eyes needed treatment
*Assumed financial responsibility for those unable to buy glasses


1950 - 51:
*Sponsored a village recreation program for children
*Sponsored a Boy Scout Troop
*Held a circus
*Assisted in the Pataskala Street Fair
*Held a Ladies Night Christmas Party
*Donated $25 to a needy person
*Sponsored a Cub Scout Pack
*Sponsored eye testing for school children
*Sponsored an Explorer Scout Troop
*Supported the passing of the White Cane Law
*Operated a concession at the Centenn

1951 - 52:
*Reorganized the Boy Scout Troop
*Assisted with the Centennial Celebration
*Held a Ladies Night
*Held a Family Christmas Party
*Assisted in forming and furnishing the Community center
*Provided glasses for needy school children

1952 - 53:
*Held a Ladies Night
*Fitted one person with glasses
*Sponsored a Boy Scout Troup and held a Court of Honor
*Entered the winning float in the parade
*Operated a concession at the fair netting $125
*Held a Dinner Dance
*Held a Family Christmas Party
*Entertained the Boy Scouts

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